What are Enzymes?

Enzyme is a necessary element to maintain our living organism. Fermented with traditional and unique method, enzyme could help to supply essential nutrients to body, which are particularly beneficial to

Life is originated from food with life

This is the saying left behind by Noboru Ohtaka, the founder of ‘Ohtaka Enzyme’

The long-held conviction of the above saying is well reflected in his particular approach to manufacturing ‘Ohtaka Enzyme’ – It is a manufacturing process from the perspective of Life, characterized by making the abundant use of the produce that Mother Earth bestows.

‘Ohtaka Enzyme’ has never forgotten its origin.

Other noble wishes of the founder in protecting the healthy environment and social harmony through his contribution of this “plant extracted fermentation drink” have been passed down even to this day.

The Technology to Nurture “Life”

The unique process which has been carefully preserved for many years without a compromise.(Plant Extract Method/ Fermentation Aging Method)

The plants undergoing fermentation process will be inserted in Akita Cedar Barrels with the strict procedure as to the order of the plants to be inserted, their blending ratio and the processing methods.The barrels play an important role in the Fermentation and Aging Process, as they are the habitat of several “Fermentation Microorganisms” such as “lactic acid bacteria” and “yeast bacteria” that has been passed down for generations.

The Extraction Room that simulates four seasonal changes in a day, The Tank Room which maintains the same temperature of that of human intestines all year round, the unique environmental conditions and strict quality inspection is none other than just one of the pillars that supported the traditions and the popularity.

In the absense of one of the elements mentioned briefly, there will not be the “Plant Extracted Fermentation Drink”, namely ‘Ohtaka’ Enzyme Drink.