Super Ohtaka 180ml

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Type: Plant essence enzyme drinks

Volume: 180ml

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90-yeas traditional fermentation

Using fresh vegetables and plants mainly from Hokkaido with beet sugar essence fermented healthy plants enzyme drinks. It is the FIRST of plants enzyme essence drinks product in Japan.  Enzyme can improve your eating habits, refill and balance the energy and essential nutrients.  It can be used while loss of appetite caused by overeating to reset your digestive system.


1. How many should I drink?

For improving eating habit and healthy body
30~60ml per meal  1~4 times per day
60ml of Ohtaka Enzyme is around 180kcal.
You can refer to your weight and status to adjust the amount.

2. When should I drink?

Morning, noon or night either.
●Moring: to be the start of the day
●Noon: refill the energy for the day
●Night before bed: prepare for the next day
For diet: you can replace 1 meal per day with Ohtaka Enzyme.

3. How to drink?

We recommend do not dilute and drink directly.
●For dilution
You can dilute with mineral water, lemon water, vegetables juice, green tea, wheat tea or herbs tea etc. Its is good for sports drink after dilution. Since it is preservative-free, the natural preservative of Ohtaka Enzyme will be lost after dilution, please drink it as soon as possible.
●For cooking
It can be the flavouring or replace sugar for sweetened, or you can mix with varies vinegars, e.g. replace the salad sauces.

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Beet sugar, Apple, Carrot, Radish, Cabbage, Celery, Cucumber, Banana, Onion, Burdock, Spinach, Pear, Citrus peel, Tomato, Green pepper, Mung bean sprout, Eggplant, Lotus root, Pumpkin, Shiitake mushroom, Ginger, Lettuce, Garlic, Three-leaved, Aralia cordata, Asparagus, Salt, Kuma bamboo grass, Clover, Japanese Kelp, Japanese butterbur scape, Dandelion, Plantago asiatica, Pea sprouts, Cedar leaf, Parsley, Turnip, Pine, Grape, Strawberry, Japanese knotweed shoots, Chives, Chinese cabbage, Enoki mushroom, Boston lettuce, Japanese chrysanthemum, Wormwood, Water celery, Leek sprout, Abies sachalinensis, Perilla, Seaweed, etc…total 52 kinds of ingredients.