Fugen Powder


Type: Plant enzyme food (powder)
Volume: 500g

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Fermentation Hokkaido wheat flour with Ohtaka Enzyme

Ohtaka Enzyme is added on Hokkaido wheat flour to fermented Fugen Powder.  Nutrients are decomposed by the fermenting microorganisms to form micronutrients, easier to absorb, less stress for the intestines.  It is a nutrients supplement that suitable for all kind of people.  You can also use for cooking and washing with vegetables.


How to Use

To replace breadcrumbs for fried food, or use directly to make desserts.

●Washing vegetables
Remove the remaining stains on vegetables.

Additional information




Wheat flour (unbleached), fermented vegetable extract, sugar, salt

Nutrients (Per 100g)

Energy 397kcal
Carbohydrates 88.6g
Protein 8.3g
Sodium 270mg
Fat 1.0g